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Value the essencial

We value the essentials. Using noble materials and prioritizing Brazilian stones, we highlight the diversity of colors and beauties found in our country.


In this process of searching for origin and essence, we select each raw quartz directly in the field, in Alegrete, and later the gems are lapidadas by our craftsman, in Porto Alegre.

Make it last

More than a simple purchase, when you buy a jewelry you make an investment. Metals and gems have a high value due to their rarity, and it is up to us to value these noble materials, taking care of our jewels so that they last forever, respecting their time and history.

We believe in the beauty and individuality of handmade production, with jewelry that is made slowly and consciously, one by one.

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Through an online model with low inventory and local production, we reduce costs and reverse this economy in quality and values ​​more attractive to our customers.